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Abertillery Ladies Orpheus Choir
Cor Orpheus Menywod Abertyleri

A joint concert with The Appledore Singers took place at St. Michael’s Church on Saturday 10th June 2017.

The choir was delighted to host a visit from our North Devon friends.

The Musical Director was Pam Beechey  and Chris Beechey was accompanist. Both musicians are highly regarded and they led the choir in a variety of

musical pieces which were well received by the audience.

Abertillery Youth Drama and Music Society also took part and we are grateful to them for sharing their enthusiasm and musical talent.

Ross Leadbeater was a very entertaining compere and worked hard to ensure the concert ran smoothly.

After an exchange of gifts, our choir provide a buffet which was greatly enjoyed by our visitors.

We were pleased to host the first tour ever taken by The Appledore Singers and we wish them success in all their future events.

Marilyn Allen - Chairperson



On 17th June, we travelled to Hinckley in Leicestershire to perform in a concert with a mixed choir called The Harmonic Voices.

Abertillery Orpheus Male Voice Choir also took part and the evening proved to be a well - attended event which raised funds for the

local museum.

After an overnight stay we all attended an afternoon carnival at the nearby village of Burbage where we spent a lovely afternoon

entertaining visitors, in the attractive garden of the Anchor Inn.

It proved to be an extremely enjoyable weekend with beautiful weather and good company.

Marilyn Allen - Chairperson